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300*1200 mitsubishi PMMA light guide plate

Item.: PMMA diffuser panel suit
Size: 263.5*1163.5mm
Thickness: 3mm
Light transmittance: 98%
Include: PMMA light guide(LGD); diffuse panel, reflect paper

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Part No.: VT-A30120-3T
LGD thickness: 3mm
Diffuse panel thickness: 1.2mm
Reflect paper thickness: 0.28mm
Light transmittance(LGD): 98%
Size: 263.5*1163.5mm
Acrylic particle:  Mitsubishi new
Printing way: Laser
Water Absorption: 0.2%-0.4%
Uniformity of Luminance: 80%
customized: YES
Contraction Percentage:: <0.4%
Application: Sign, panel light, Advertising box,  Photo Fra

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